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Equitas migration are a team of immigration lawyers and registered migration agents. The website is an offshoot of their main website equitaslawyers.com.au. The new website was created to specifically target clients who are seeking migration legal advice and services. If you are currently looking for a migration agent, visit the Equitas Migration website.

Hippie the Batboy wants a hug


Hippie the Batboy has won our creative illustration of the year. The illustration created by Richard Perez is of a psychedelic nature and appeals to a younger inner city audience. The illustration is so popular that there are now Hippie the Batboy t-shirts, posters, figures and a hugr range of other merchandise available. Hippie the Batboy went viral in early 2013 and has been an over night success for the cartoons creator. Congratulations to Richard for winning this months prize.