Focus on your foundation

Despite the rapid evolution of technology, the social media landscape has failed to keep up. I gave an interview in 2014 where I suggested that brands needed to focus on their foundation — rather than looking at new, emerging technologies, I made the point that most brands hadn’t mastered the basics (Facebook & Twitter).

Recently, I sat down with Social Geek Radio to give the State of Social Media and discussed where I thought the world of social media sat in 2018. Again, I made the statement that, despite social media being 7-10 years old, a lot of brands still struggle with the basics. While the level of investment (financially & resources) continues to increase, the majority of brands and colleagues I speak to still speak about the frustrations that come with a lack of understanding from upper management and not having proper allocation to fully maximize social.

While it’s necessary to keep your pulse on emerging technologies, your brand’s primary focus needs to remain on maximizing the basics. Do you have a content strategy? Are you fully optimizing Facebook Ads? How’s your email list looking? Are you A/B testing your website? These are all incredibly more important than tinkering around with AI or Voice.


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