Looking Forward: 2018 Goals

[Insert commentary on how quickly 2017 flew by]. In all seriousness, 2017 was a monumental year for me — got married, expecting my first child & moved into our dream home. And that was just on the personal front. From a professional standpoint, it was just as busy as I helped re-launch the iconic Virgin Mobile USA brand. Busy would an understatement. As great as 2017 was, I’m equally looking forward to an equally exciting 2018. So as I look forward, let’s put a few goals down on paper.

Focus on my health (physical)

It was a year ago that I found out I was type 2 diabetic. On the surface, I wasn’t surprised — I have a major sweet tooth and have a family history of diabetes. Nonetheless, it still shook me. I immediately took control and lost 20 pounds in the first three months. Upon my 90-day checkup, I found out that the diabetes “went away” and I was technically back in the pre-diabetic phase.

Admittedly, I used this good news as a means to justify loosening how strict I was with sugar and carbs and soon fell off the wagon. After a hectic summer (a poor excuse) my 120-day checkup didn’t go well and I was back to square one. All the work was now gone.

My number one priority for 2018 is to get back to that healthier lifestyle & treat diabetes like the serious disease it is. When I tell people I am diabetic, I tend to joke about it’s severity. And while I’m only type 2, it’s still a problem I need to address. Putting my first goal on paper: I want to lose another 10 pounds and return to the pre-diabetic phase I was back in June.

Focus on my health (mental)

Likewise, in addition to eating better and focusing on my physical health, my mental health is equally important — especially with a new baby arriving. As such, I want to get back to reading more. When I was younger, I loved reading and often cleared through 4-6 books a month. I’ve drifted away as I’ve gotten older — though I do still read, just not as frequently. So in 2018, I want to read at least 12 books. This isn’t a lot, but it’s a start and a goal I feel is attainable given my soon-to-be parental status.

This is an important goal for me as reading more means less screen time. It means less time playing on my phone. It means giving my eyes less strain of having a bright screen in front of me constantly. It also means less chance of falling down the rabbit hole of the nastiness and mental poison that seems to filling the internet these days.

Live a visual life

I constantly look at ways to improve my craft from a personal and professional standpoint. One area that I continue to be fascinated with, and wish I was more skilled at, is photography. I have multiple cameras (and a phone) and I’ve attempted to shoot more photography, but I’ve been inconsistent with it. And like many things, in order to get better at something, you need repetition. The third goal on my list is to take a course(s) on photography to better understand the technique and craft. Whether that’s through Skillshare or a local photography class is yet to be determined.

Pursue passion projects

One of the most important characteristics I think a person can have is curiosity. I think curiosity shows vulnerability, drive and intelligence. There’s incredible power and value in asking why? In 2018, I want to carve time to further pursue passion projects.

One area I find myself continuing to become inherently curious about is blockchain and cryptocurrency. In 20 years when we look back at what technologies had the biggest impact on our lives, the internet will be #1 and I firmly believe blockchain will be #2.

*buzzword incoming*

Cryptocurrency — I know, bitcoin is all the rage now and there are mixed opinions. However, I am less interested in bitcoin — though, I think I will spend a fair amount of time in 2018 talking about this topic; but I am interested in impact cryptocurrency as a whole will have on society.

I’m not sure what these “projects” will be; however, I plan on making it a priority to dedicate time and resources to these two areas. If you have any interesting projects in mind, please reach out to me and let’s talk. Or, if you’re just curious about blockchain and cryptocurrency and want to talk, I’m game.

So there you have it — these are my goals for 2018. No, they don’t following the traditional SMART framework to  goal setting, but they’re on paper and I welcome the fluidity that will come with this approach. Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re focusing on in the new year.

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