Looking Forward: 2018 Goals

[Insert commentary on how quickly 2017 flew by]. In all seriousness, 2017 was a monumental year for me — got married, expecting my first child & moved into our dream home. And that was just on the personal front. From a professional standpoint, it was just as busy as I helped re-launch the iconic Virgin Mobile USA brand. Busy would an understatement. As great as 2017 was, I’m equally looking forward to an equally exciting 2018. So as I look forward, let’s put a few goals down on paper. Continue Reading


You’re not a “tech company” that happens to sell [insert product].

It started in 2010–2011 with a rally cry that brands needed to become “media companies/publishers” in order to survive — “Red Bull is now a media company that happens to sell drinks.” Let’s get one thing straight — Red Bull never has been, nor ever will be, a media company. And, no, Red Bull Media House doesn’t count. Red Bull is a beverage company. End of story. Thankfully, most brands quickly realized that acting like a publisher was foolish and quite difficult, and for the most part, the mindset died.

Fast-forward 6 years. A lot can, and did, change. Unfortunately, one of those changes was the evolution of moving from a “media company” to now becoming a “tech company.” Just as declaring Red Bull a “media company” was shortsighted, so is this new craze of trying incredibly way too hard to associate your brand with technology. Continue Reading