How brands can utilize Telegram

Unless you have an active interest in cryptocurrency, odds are you likely familiar with Telegram–the go-to community for ICOs and crypto fanatics. Telegram, at the broadest sense, is a secure messaging app similar to the likes of WhatsApp. It was recently pulled from Apple’s App Store due to hosting inappropriate content and violating the App Store Guidelines. Telegram also recently announced it’s raised around $850 million dollars in its ICO–which has also been met with skepticism within the investment community. One could argue Telegram is one of the most controversial and high-profiled platform in the tech space. Continue Reading


Why focusing on cryptocurrencies limits blockchain

I don’t like the term cryptocurrency. I think it limits discussion and ignores the wider use-cases available. Instead, I prefer the term cryptoasset (crypto asset).

Understand that currency and monetary implementation is often the first and easiest use-case.

Understand that current market cap and awareness revolves around currency.

But, in my mind, there’s much wider usage outside of “currencies.” I think we have a greater likelihood to impact and improve a much larger pool with “assets.”

It’s like building a sub-division & we’ve just begun to pour the foundation of the first house. It’s fine to focus on building the first house, then the second, and so-on. But we also need the infrastructure and amenities for the neighborhood to flourish.


Less is More

I’m dusting off a post I wrote five years ago as the concept and idea still remain true in today’s business climate. Today’s consumer is faced daily with an abundance of options — which, on the surface, is a positive. More options. More choice. Win-win, right? However, despite the technological advancements that have allowed for greater ease of access, when it comes to running a business, the adage “Less is More” becomes even more relevant.  Continue Reading