Why focusing on cryptocurrencies limits blockchain

I don’t like the term cryptocurrency. I think it limits discussion and ignores the wider use-cases available. Instead, I prefer the term cryptoasset (crypto asset).

Understand that currency and monetary implementation is often the first and easiest use-case.

Understand that current market cap and awareness revolves around currency.

But, in my mind, there’s much wider usage outside of “currencies.” I think we have a greater likelihood to impact and improve a much larger pool with “assets.”

It’s like building a sub-division & we’ve just begun to pour the foundation of the first house. It’s fine to focus on building the first house, then the second, and so-on. But we also need the infrastructure and amenities for the neighborhood to flourish.


Less is More

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Why Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Doesn’t Matter

Facebook recently announced a fairly significant change to its News Feed. As expected, marketers freaked out and predicted doom for brands on Facebook. However, smart marketers should have seen this change coming years ago.

A friend posted about this on his Facebook page and a conversation broke out on how this will impact brands. My response to this change: Should my brand’s relevance rely on third-party platforms (2010): No  Continue Reading