Why Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Doesn’t Matter

Facebook recently announced a fairly significant change to its News Feed. As expected, marketers freaked out and predicted doom for brands on Facebook. However, smart marketers should have seen this change coming years ago.

A friend posted about this on his Facebook page and a conversation broke out on how this will impact brands. My response to this change: Should my brand’s relevance rely on third-party platforms (2010): No  Continue Reading


3 Industries Ripe for Blockchain & Why You Should Care

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be used as financial or investment advice, nor should be used as investment recommendations. The examples and companies listed below are being used as examples only & should not be seen as “best-in-class” or recommendations for investment. Please do your due diligence and consult a licensed financial advisor or tax accountant prior to any investments.

By now, most of you have heard of Bitcoin. It’s the trendy buzzword du jour — for better or for worse. Despite all the hype around bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the underlying technology — blockchain — seems to be getting pushed to the side in most casual conversations — likely because it’s insanely technical. However; despite the fact that the technology behind blockchain is likely more technical than most of can, or want to, understand, it’s a highly important topic. In my opinion, blockchain will have the single greatest impact on our lives since the internet. Continue Reading


Adidas Laces Up Brilliant New Creative Campaign

The shoe game is a tightly laced business, but it appears Adidas is finally giving tenured leader Nike a run for its money. In September, reports came out that adidas had finally surpassed Nike’s Jordan brand to become the #2 shoe brand in the world. Over the past 18-24 months, we’ve seen a radical shift in how adidas & Nike have shifted their brand narrative to capture consumer’s attention, and ultimately, their wallet.

Adidas recently launched their latest creative campaign–packed with highly influential co-creators, “Calling All Creators.” While it’s still early in their campaign, “Calling All Creators” is an absolutely brilliant approach for adidas, which has already had an incredibly successful 2017.  Continue Reading