What’s next? Who cares?

The marketing landscape changes rapidly. What’s popular today is likely irrelevant tomorrow. Marketers cling to trendy, shiny objects in attempt to be seen as innovative and forward-thinking. As a result, brand marketers waste a ton of resources (time & money) pushing platforms and tactics for their brands that ultimately serve no meaningful purpose. Yes, that article in AdWeek is worthless.

We’re constantly bombarded with righteous speeches from the stages of conferences that have provided any significant value since 2014, from the same recycled “thought leaders” who haven’t actually done any meaningful work over the past 10 years.

Voice. AR. Bots. None of these actually matter to 90% of brands that still don’t know how to properly execute an email campaign. Social media, in the modern & mainstream definition, has been around for eight years, yet a common phrase within organizations remains “can’t we just put that on social?

As brands, we’re wasting too much time trying to figure out how to turn our organizations into a technology companies, yet we have no grasp on the reality of not having a solid foundation to build upon.

This isn’t to say that brands and marketers shouldn’t be aware of how the landscape continues to evolve. But, like society, marketers and brands have suddenly become obsessed with gaining 15 minutes of internet fame instead of 15 years of business success.

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