Why Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Doesn’t Matter

Facebook recently announced a fairly significant change to its News Feed. As expected, marketers freaked out and predicted doom for brands on Facebook. However, smart marketers should have seen this change coming years ago.

A friend posted about this on his Facebook page and a conversation broke out on how this will impact brands. My response to this change: Should my brand’s relevance rely on third-party platforms (2010): No¬†

Sure, this does impact brands and it will cause a slight shift in how brands approach the platform — primarily type of content and paid strategy. That being said, marketers knew Facebook had shifted to a media company years ago & smart marketers were already utilizing the platform as such. This change shouldn’t drastically change anyone’s strategy.

If you’re still panicking over this change and feel it’s going to radically change your approach to Facebook, here are some viable options for consumer engagement: Groups. Messenger. Blog. Instagram. Email. Live. In-store.

Look, at the end of the day, successful and sustaining businesses aren’t built on the backbone of third-party social platforms. Just as you wouldn’t build your dream home on your neighbor’s property, you shouldn’t be building a business dependent upon one single platform. Build a quality brand that solves a need; develop compelling content that fosters an engaging and dynamic community. If you build it, they will come.

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